Park Playground features in World Finance Magazine

Park CEO Peter Vindevogel writes in the most recent edition of the business publication

The Park Playground CEO, Peter Vindevogel, has been featured in the latest edition of World Finance Magazine. The article highlights key trends and insights shaping the future of the experience economy.

The Rise of the Experience Economy

Peter discusses how Millennials and Gen Z-ers are driving the experience economy, favouring memorable experiences over material possessions. A recent Europe-wide study reveals that this trend is set to continue, with 88% of those surveyed planning to spend the same or more on experiences in 2024 compared to 2023. Their expectations for high-quality, entertainment-led social experiences are rapidly increasing.

"The experience economy is thriving, with consumers more interested in creating lasting memories than splashing out on material goods."

Peter Vindevogel - The Park Playground CEO


Evolving Leisure Industry Landscape

To meet these heightened expectations, the leisure industry has evolved by merging food & beverage leisure with play & entertainment leisure. Several factors deriving from the pandemic have contributed to this shift.

Enhanced Offerings in the Leisure Industry

In response to the surging demand for unique and shared entertainment experiences, companies in the leisure industry are enhancing their offerings, from entertainment to shopping and dining.

The Role of Immersive Technologies

With guest expectations higher than ever, many businesses are turning to immersive technologies like mixed reality (MR).

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