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The Hallow
VR Zombie Experience

Step into The Hallow, where fear comes to life and your survival instincts are put to the ultimate test! In this terrifying zombie VR experience, protect a once peaceful village from an evil zombie horde. Let the terror unfold as you jump into the UK’s number 1 immersive zombie virtual reality experience. 

Experience the horror of zombies wreaking havoc upon an innocent village. Time to end this onslaught with no cables to limit your pursuit!

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Experience the attack of the zombie horde

Work with your team in this thrilling zombie VR experience. In The Hallow, navigate through a post-apocalyptic world where every corner hides corner.





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English, French

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Up to 30 min. VR 
+ 30 min. intro VR
& set-up*

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*Allow up to 60 minutes for the experience. This includes: safety briefing, intro VR experience, group VR experience of choice and some time in the bar. Timings may vary for larger groups of 12+.

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Access beyond this point is only for those who are brave enough to take on the walking dead. The Hallow is where a nightmare becomes your reality. Take a look at what's waiting for you in this spine-tingling VR experience...

Bravely against the blood-thirsty zombie horde.

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Do you have what it takes to outlast and outwit the threat of zombies in The Hallow?

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What awaits you in the virtual zombie world of The Hallow?

I'm speechless, honestly!

Nile, Leeds