Can you find your way out of a VR escape room in time in Porto?

Tension is right around the corner. Escape from a thrilling virtual reality escape room. And of course, it won't be easy. As a group, are you up to the challenge? Try it out together at The Park VR Porto!

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Group of people with vr goggles and guns

This is what you can expect from a VR escape room

At The Park, you'll experience escape rooms like never before. In an unforgettable virtual world, your team races against the clock to solve the puzzles in time.

From hidden passages to secret codes, all your senses are put to the test in a VR escape room in Porto.

Stay focused and work well together, because you don't want to miss a clue!

A VR escape room in Porto is the most fun group activity!

Organize the most fun team outings, company outings or kids parties in virtual reality! Good weather or bad: at The Park VR, you'll enjoy top-level VR adventures all year round. From a trip to ancient Egypt with the whole family to a scary race against the clock, your VR escape room in Porto promises to be a real adventure!

Afterwards, have a chat and enjoy a drink at our bar. Want to get more out of your VR escape room in Porto? Or are you organizing a virtual reality adventure for a large group? You can book one of our packages, such as a Pizza Party or a VR experience with a tasty lunch. Want to know more? We'll be happy to give you a quote.

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