Can you escape from an escape room in VR in time?

Are your senses sharp? Because you can't miss a single clue during our thrilling virtual escape room! We won't make it easy for you. Are you up to the challenge? If so, we'll see you soon at The Park VR!

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Group of people with vr goggles and guns

This is what you can expect from a VR escape room

At The Park, you can experience escape rooms with virtual reality goggles. This immerses you completely in a virtual world like you've never experienced before.

Your entire will be team racing against the clock. Can you solve the puzzles in time and escape? From hidden corridors to secret codes: all your senses will be put to the test. Stay focused and don't miss a single clue in our VR escape room!

A VR escape room is the most fun group activity!

Did you know that a VR escape room is the best team outing, company outing and kids party? At The Park VR, you can enjoy thrilling group adventures all year round: in good or bad weather. As a special force team, can you stop a bank robbery by a gang of criminals or, as a group, break a pharaoh's curse? At The Park, you'll experience exciting VR escape rooms for all ages. Whatever it is, it promises to be a real adventure!

Did you manage to escape in time? That's great! Discuss your tactics over a drink in our bar right after. Want to organize a more elaborate outing? We can also offer you various packages, such as a VR experience with a delicious lunch or a real pizza party! We'll be happy to arrange a quote for you.


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