Experience VR with your youth group or (sports) club

Give groups a fully immersive experience to remember.

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Explore an ideal indoor virtual reality experience for your group activity

Bring your youth group or (sports) club to experience the fully immersive VR worlds. They will be able to make their minds do the impossible and have an adventurous time together.

If the group likes bowling, paintball or escape rooms, they’ll absolutely love playing with the futuristic technology of our VR experiences.

They'll talk about their trip into the world of virtual reality for a long time to come.

Friend group playing VR as a fun day out

Looking for a personalised package?

We absolutely love a challenge here at The Park Playground. If you’ve got your own ideas about a personalised package, we are happy to help you create the ultimate VR experience.

Girl playing vr at The Park Playground Brussels

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Frequently Asked Questions

If the frames of your glasses are less than 142 mm wide and 50 mm high, they will fit inside our VR hardware. However, we suggest, if possible, that you wear contact lenses instead.

Not at all. We do want you to be comfortable though, as you will be moving around. So, take that thick sweater off before the experience starts, because it can get quite warm when the experience is underway. You’ll also need to wear a pair of flat, comfortable shoes. No heels will be allowed, for your own safety.

Some of our games can be played while in a wheelchair. Not all of our locations are accessible to wheelchairs though. Please contact customer support to see what locations and games are suitable for your needs.