VR free roam at The Park

Explore a breathtaking virtual reality world in a large open playing field with no limitations.

Group of people with vr goggles and guns

Free roam virtual reality

At The Park, you can immerse yourself in our virtual worlds with complete freedom. There's no VR room, wires, walls or obstacles in your way! Just put on a pair of wireless virtual reality goggles, pick up a virtual reality gun, and you'll be completely immersed in a virtual adventure.

Walk freely, discover secret clues and solve puzzles as a group during your VR free roam experience!

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What does free roam mean?

Free roam literally means “to roam freely”. And that's exactly what you can do during your VR experience! Through the VR goggles, you'll see worlds you've never seen before, full of adventures, battles and puzzles to solve.

Make your way through a real horror house in a VR escape room, jump from obstacle to obstacle in an ancient pyramid or find a way out of a robbed bank. As you can walk around freely in your virtual world, everything seems realistic! Will you dare?


Virtual reality: the most spectacular and exciting group activity

Enter the limitless world of VR free roam and discover a new dimension of entertainment. Here, you're not confined to a small space; you move freely and explore virtual worlds without borders. It feels like you're really in another world where you can walk around and experience exciting adventures.

VR free roam offers unprecedented freedom and excitement that awakens your senses. In doing so, you see each other in the game, which makes it even more fun to have a laugh with each other and work together!

Get ready to lose yourself in virtual reality and take part in a unique and immersive experience that you won't forget!


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