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Original team outings in Porto? Come to The Park VR

Do you want to surprise your team with a unique team outing in Porto? Stop looking, because you've already found it!

At The Park, live an immersive VR experience with your friends, family or colleagues! Immerse yourself in a unique VR experience together and let yourself be carried away by an unforgettable experience. Together, your team will enter a real and virtual world where team spirit will face the ultimate test.

Working together to get out of an escape room in VR? Are you fast enough to escape a horde of zombies? Or fight each other in the most entertaining VR battle game experience? One thing's for sure: you'll leave The Park VR more united than ever!


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Choose your preferred formula below or customize your team outing in Porto with drinks or catering; breakfast, lunch or a nice dinner!

You can even book a VR team outing in combination with a meeting room: ideal for a company outing!

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Book a personalized team outing in Porto

Want to surprise your team with a personalized team outing? We'd be happy to arrange it for you! At The Park VR, our team is eager to explore your ideas for a unique team outing in Porto! So feel free to get in touch with us and let's work together on a fantastic experience.

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The most fun team outing in Porto North

The Park VR in Porto is located in Matosinhos. The space is easily accessible by public transport and car. It's very easy if you're going with a large group!

From small teams to an entire organization

At The Park, we like to roll out the red carpet for groups of any size, which is perfect if you're looking for an exciting team outing in Porto.

The VR experience lasts one hour for a maximum of 6 players per field. If your group is larger, we'll split it up over several playing fields. Our enthusiastic hosts will give you a quick briefing and will be available to guide you through the adventure.

While the rest of the party enjoys a refreshing drink, you can watch with enthusiasm!

Experience Porto's most fun team outing in VR!

Together with your team, you'll enter a unique world where cooperation and creativity are the secret ingredients of success.

This is the ideal team outing in Porto that you'll remember for a long time. Are you ready for this unforgettable journey in virtual reality?

What can you expect from a team outing at The Park VR Porto?

Get ready for an unforgettable adventure! On arrival at The Park VR Porto, our enthusiastic hosts are ready to prepare you for an unforgettable VR experience.

Your virtual adventure begins with a short but thrilling introduction that will test your nerves and get your adrenaline flowing. After the safety briefing, it's time for the highlight: an immersive free-roam VR experience of your choice.

During your visit, you can relax in our bar and, most importantly, you're more than welcome to stay a little longer and fully enjoy our facilities.


Porto's best team outing for an even stronger team!

Our VR team outings not only stimulate cooperation, but are also an excellent way to increase your problem-solving and thinking skills.

During this fantastic team outing, you'll learn to understand team dynamics even better. Do you dare to trust your colleagues in our impressive virtual worlds? Who spontaneously takes the lead? And which team members are directly committed to a common goal?

Apart from the fact that a VR experience is the most fun team outing of all, you'll also get to know each other's strengths better!

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