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The Break-in VR

A criminal organisation has pulled off an armed heist at the city's Crompton bank and has infiltrated the vault. It’s up to you and your Special Forces team to find out what has been stolen. Do not let them get away with the stolen loot. Keep in mind, teamwork is key and time is ticking!

Listen carefully, follow orders and instructions from your chief and don’t miss crucial info and clues.

This VR escape room can only succeed with excellent cooperation and communication.

Inspect the bank's vault to find out what the criminals were after.

Communication and teamwork are your best weapons but if you're under attack, open fire!





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English, Dutch, French, German

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Up to 30 min. VR 
+ 30 min. intro VR
& set-up*

*Allow up to 60 minutes for the experience. This includes: safety briefing, intro VR experience, group VR experience of choice and some time in the bar. Timings may vary for larger groups of 12+.

Use excellent teamwork in this tension-filled VR escape room

Will you thwart the criminals' plan and secure the masterpiece?

Teamwork is key! It is your best weapon to succeed.

Be careful, the criminals are heavily armed and extremely dangerous. Take cover and do not let them get away!

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What awaits you in your new virtual world?

It was real teamwork!

Mariam, 28