The Park is making waves in the U.S.

Wonderlands: The Park Playground introduces a high-tech VR battle experience.

The Park Playground is a leading immersive virtual reality VR operator, so have unveiled its new-found game, NANOCLASH FOCUS, a location-based gaming simulator. The competition is an industry-first experience where opposing teams compete in two distinct fields simultaneously.

After an initial competitive VR experience, NANOCLASH was created to offer a unique and immersive free roam VR experience. The game is now available all over The Park Playground in the world.

NANOCLASH FOCUS features a futuristic televised sports battle concept, which is utilizing the headsets of HTC ViVIVE 3 for better mobility. Players join teams of 4 to 8 people, and shoot at opponents from hanging platforms in a dynamic and interactive environment. The aim is to move the enemy’s platform further out of the arena floor while their own platform closer and closer to victory. Teams can use power ups to navigate the game and gain a strategic edge. This game is good for teamwork and competitive game, as players must always adapt their positions to new levels of competition.

The CEO of Park Playgrounds, Peter Vindevogel, emphasized the innovative nature of NANOCLASH FOCUS, stating that it bridges the previously untapped gap between LBVR and other gaming formats. He noted in the future how the crossover between LBE VR and traditional gaming components will grow exponentially.

The Park Playground began studying the use of artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

During the creation process the design team used AI to streamline their workflow

and provide many avatars to players while maintaining the high quality output. The company plans on incorporating AI to improve user experiences and improve the efficiency of its development process.

Gilles-Adrien Cenni, CTO of The Park Playground, acknowledged the contribution of both the partners HTC and Triangle Factory to the success of NANOCLASH. He emphasized the importance of leveraging emerging technologies like AI, for LBE VR providers to stay relevant and continue delivering innovative VR experiences that keep users engaged. Cenni highlighted the necessity for the design of VR experiences, and thus ensures seamless performance and future scalability, without technical constraints.

I’ve tried two platforms: HTC Vive 3.