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Mission Planet X VR

Your troop is Earth's last hope to find a new energy source for our dying planet. Travel through vast space to battle the hostile aliens guarding the Energy Crystal on Planet X.

Once you've fought off whatever it is you'll encounter out there, you'll have to bring back the Earth-saving energy crystal to the ship.


Get ready for take off, space marine!

Once you're up there in space, there'll be no turning back. If you fail, there won't be a home to come back to.




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English, French, Dutch

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Up to 30 min. VR 
+ 30 min. intro VR
& set-up*


*Allow up to 60 minutes for the experience. This includes: safety briefing, intro VR experience, group VR experience of choice and some time in the bar. Timings may vary for larger groups of 12+.

Group of player ready to play Mission Planet X

Strap in for an apocalyptic adventure into the dark unknown of outer space.

As soon as your feet hit the dusty planet, it's all on you to survive.

All we know for sure about Planet X is that there's something out there.

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Whatever it is, we're almost certain that it spells danger. So lock and load and get ready to start blasting!

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What awaits you in your new virtual world?

I really liked the fact it was a team game!

Oski, musician, 19