The Park Playground Opens in Porto

The newest VR franchise opens in Porto, Portugal

Our newest VR franchise in Porto, Portugal opened on Friday June 14th, and was a resounding success, with our first players raving about the immersive VR experiences they enjoyed.

This new venue is a result of our partnership with esteemed franchise owners and investors Sérgio Basto, José Carlos Marques, and Miguel Soro. Located in Matosinhos, the Porto venue features a bar and catering services, alongside three free-roam fields that offer The Park Playground’s full library of original VR experiences. This setup ensures an all-encompassing entertainment experience for visitors.

“Though this industry is a new area of investment for us, The Park’s success across Europe demonstrates the quality and long-lasting appeal of its immersive VR experiences,” said Sérgio Basto, the venue’s lead investor. “We’re confident this kind of cutting-edge entertainment will incentivise global audiences and the broader Portuguese community to travel to Porto for a unique experience.”

"It was great to see the dedication of the entire Porto team. We look forward to see their growth in the future!"

Lise Smets - The Park Playground Franchise Marketing Manager


The launch event was attended by many enthusiastic guests, all of whom were captivated by the innovative VR games and the welcoming atmosphere of our new venue. Esther Zaman, The Park Playground Head of Marketing, shared her excitement: “I was there to celebrate the opening of our newest Park Playground venue in Matosinhos. With the incredible team of Miguel, José, and Sérgio and all the new hosts, Virtual Reality has truly found a home here! It was an amazing and packed event with the best reactions from everyone who tried out our VR experiences.”

We are delighted to bring our state-of-the-art VR entertainment to Porto and look forward to welcoming many more visitors to experience the thrill and excitement of The Park Playground.