Virtual reality space where you can fight zombies and solve creepy puzzles set to open in Leeds

Belgian company Park Playground VR has expanded to the UK and will open in Kirkstall Industrial Park on December 15

Leeds Live 7th December 2022 - A brand new virtual reality play park is coming to Leeds this month.

The Park Playground VR will open in the heart of Kirkstall Industrial Park on December 15. The company first launched in Belgium in 2018 and now has 11 locations across Europe. And it is about to hit Leeds after gaining great success.

The first 200 customers at the Leeds spot will get to go for free, and "escape the everyday and explore the impossible". The virtual reality arcade theme park is all about making immersive gaming more accessible.

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There are a wide range of party packages available for parties of all kinds from kids’ birthdays to stag-dos or corporate team building. A booking contains a 60-minute fully immersive experience consisting of multiple mini games to get you warmed up, including the infamous ‘plank’, plus a 30-minute free roam VR experience of your choice.

The VR experience includes a space-marine world to find the 'energy crystal' on Planet X, fight zombies in 'the hallow', or solve puzzles and discover the snitch. Plus, gamers will be able to try out the brand new ‘don’t scream’ and explore several increasingly scary situations where a team must solve a host of creepy puzzles with one goal - to not scream.

Tickets will be £25 per person and people can explore a space world, fight zombies, or the 'don't scream' game

Peter Vindevogel, CEO of The Park Playground VR, comments: "We are thrilled that our first UK location is in Leeds, it felt like the right place to launch and the place to be. If you combine cool entertainment with a strong VR experience developed by The Park Playground VR, the result is an unforgettable experience."

He added: "The Park Playground VR is leading the way in the VR sector and we’re just at the beginning of the possibilities. We are here to create an exhilarating experience that you won’t forget, with the people you love. It presents something unique, and out of the ordinary that is accessible for everyone. Each stimulating game gives players the opportunity to make their own choices, building a personal experience like no other. Be careful though… each decision will impact the outcome, so don’t make the wrong move!”